Wood exportation

Fazenda Triqueda sells high quality eucalyptus wood, aiming to export logs “in naturaWood exportation


The potential of eucalipto as sawmill wood is not new, it has being used in  sawmill and round wood, such as: fencing projects, posts, gates, decking, furniture, wood roofing and flooring, pallets, general construction, , corrals standard, among others

We have the commitment to produce wood with greater value to sawmill. To that end we use techniques of planting and management the forests focused on this goal.


Among these techniques, it stands out

  • Pruning of the branches of trees for Clear Wood;
  • Use of specific clones that provide homogenous trees.

The result is:

  • A higher percentage of trees per hectare for sawmill;
  • A greater amount of eucalyptus logs of “first quality” in the sawmill.


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Request a budget email: leonardoresende@fazendatriqueda.com.br or whats up 32-98846-7487

Wood exportation

Our wood logs receive the Sustainable Wood Certification attesting that the products have a balanced farming, focused on diversifying the production system through understanding and respecting the natural cycles of plant succession and interaction

We use Regenerative Agriculture techniques supporting the correct use of farming soil, focus on: soil carbon sequestration, organic matter increasing, water cycling efficiency, nutrient dynamics, and the conservation of biodiversity, favoring the entire ecosystem

Specially, in the commercial tree planting, the carbon (CO2) sequestration occur in a renewable and cycling process, reducing pollution and temperature of the planet (learn more). Wood exportation

Wood exportation

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