Consulting and Lectures

With multidisciplinary knowledge that combine Business Management and Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development, the Triqueda team is focused on excellence in operations, sustainability and profitability


Topics :

Implementation and conduct of plantations

Multiple use of timber (renewable energy, construction, sawmill, mobile,…)

Organization of the production chain

Certification of forestry products and livestock

Interaction between the animals and the trees

Cattle management

Neutral Livestock Methane

Balance emissions of Greenhouse Gases / Carbon Footprint

Recovery of degraded areas

Business Plans

Projects and Plannings

Controls and audits

Market study Financial analysis 




Leonardo de Oliveira Resende 

Academic Formation

Business Administrator

MBA in Business Management 

MBA in Marketing from

MBA in Corporate Finence 

Master in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development             

Phd in Geography and Environment 


Professional Performance

Previous experience

Experience in the tourism sector in London – U.K.

Exxon Mobil / Esso Brasileira de Petroleo (work performed in Brazil and Chile)


Current experience


Forest management: responsible for overseeing 700ha eucalyptus for timber and Cattle

Partner Embrapa Research in Agroforestry Systems since 2006

Farmers, forest producer at Triqueda Farm 

Environmental consultant and agribusiness with Triqueda 

Manager and co-founders of the Neutral and Regenerative Livestock Project




video: palestra Sistema Silvipastoril

video: jornal do SBT entrevista Leonardo Resende sobre o tema da palestra




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