Integration System: Forestry and Cattle

As the beef cattle and milk are in a period of profit declining, the farmers need to reconcile in a single hectare these activities with another which is going to provide an adequate remuneration to the business..

After much research we identified that integration of trees in the pasture allows an increase of up to 15 times the profit per hectare.

The solution for our business was the implementation of integration system with forest and cattle together. This system has focus to obtain beef cattle and wood for sawmill processing.

Through a growing techniques with high precision, we leave the farmland without cattle only for 6 months. An early introduction of bull-calf in the system helps to optimize the economic outcome of the project.

Again Embrapa was present in partnership with the farm to the implementation of agroforestry systems, providing fundamental support for the success of this project.

In 2002 the Triqueda farm start the relationship with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation.

Embrapa was founded in 1972 and today has more than 40 units dealing with different issues in Brazil and abroad with high technology

Concept of the system:

“Agroforestry systems is the intentional combination of trees, pasture and cattle in the same area at the same time and managed in an integrated manner with the goal of increasing productivity per hectare.

Given the economic importance of the production of meat and milk to the society, the challenge will be development on a sustainable basis in the categories environmentally, socially and economically viable.

The integration of components raising cattle, agriculture and forestry is of vital importance to sustainable development.  All these to cover issues relevant to mitigation of their impacts on the environment and allowing the maximum possible of the biodiversity, the use of soil conservation, production and water conservation.

In that way, the introduction of the forestry component in production systems should give an approach that does not admit more separation between agriculture and forest, but the “marriage” of these components in rural areas, about the quality of life, sustainability and stability of production. ”

Vanderley Porfirio da Silva – Embrapa Florestas

Advantages of the system:

Environment: carbon sequestration, raising cattle neutral in methane gas emition, reduces erosion, improves water conservation, reduces the need for mineral fertilizers, diversify production and increase biodiversity.

Cattle(milk / meat) with barriers to break wind, thermal comfort for the animal, diversification of production, improvement of nutritive value of pasture, increased productivity of the animal and improved distribution of labor demand through the year.

Forests: the cattle help to control weed competition, in the reducing of the fire risk (due to reduced mass of grass to catch fire) and keep an initial revenue for the area as forests develop.

For more information visit the Embrapa Forestry: Embrapa

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