Triqueda Farm

The name Triqueda has its origin in the fact that the farm is located in the region with a presence of 3 waterfalls, in the rural area of Coronel Pacheco.


The agribusiness is in a phase of steady growth, accounting for a very significant portion of Gross Domestic Product (GPD) and exports of Brazil, factors that has encouraged us to expand this activity as an alternative source of generating revenue and jobs.

In this scenario, at the Triqueda Farm, together since the year 2000, the partners Regina Maria Gama Oliveira and Leonardo de Oliveira Resende, started a project in the market of beef cattle and wood production.

In seeking to meet a growing demand for steaks and renewable plantation wood (with the preservation of native forests), the farm has adopted sustainable business models focused on achieving higher quality and profitability with environmental and social responsibility.

Farm Business:

  • Cattle Brangus
  • Eucalyptus for Energy
  • Sawmill wood
  • Integration Systems: Forest & Cattle Raising.

“The search for excellence is always an obsession in our business. We believe early on that we had to be near the leadership companies in our areas of expertise to obtain the transfer of technology and achieve a qualitative leap in our operations. So, thanks Embrapa and Arcelor Mittal Bioenergy for having guided us on this journey. “

Regina Maria Gama Oliveira
Partner – Owner

If you want more information, please request the book  of the Farm Triqueda in email

If you want more information, please request the book on the Farm Triqueda in email

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Fazenda Triqueda - Resources, Technology and Sustainability

Estrada MG-353 Km 59,5 | Coronel Pacheco - MG

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