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Wood for Sawmill Processing

With increasing regulation and restriction of the use of wood from native forests, the market of sawmill wood is showing more potential for recovery. This fact is reinforced by their environmental appeal due to the carbon sequestration made by the trees.

The potential of eucalipto as sawmill wood is not new,.

It has being used in furniture, sheets of plywood, wood roofing, boards, beams, flooring, pallets, general construction, fence posts, fences, ponds, corrals standard …

In 2002 farm Triqueda start the relationship with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation.

Embrapa was founded in 1972 and today has more than 40 units dealing with different issues in Brazil and abroad with high technology.

Building on the knowledge of Embrapa, we have the commitment to produce wood with greater value to sawmill.

To that end we use techniques of planting and management the forests focused on this goal.

Among these techniques, it stands out

  • Pruning of the branches of trees for Clear Wood;
  • Use of specific clones that provide homogenous trees.

The result is:

  • A higher percentage of trees per hectare for sawmill;
  • A greater amount of eucalyptus logs of “first quality” in the sawmill.

Through analysis of soil fertilization, we can make a stronger start fertilization to promote a better initial growth of seedlings and, consequently, reduce the time for harvest.

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