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Brangus Cattle

Brangus – The perfect combination of Angus with Zebu

After selecting to buy brangus cattle from farms in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul, Sao Paulo and Goias, we brought to the city of Coronel Pacheco (MG) high performance animals in beef cattle.

Through a commitment to continue the evolution of our animals, we used especial bulls, thereby obtaining good results as the weaning of August 2009 when the animals with 8 months of age reached the average weight of 255kg for males and 225kg for females (we do not provied supplements or special diets).

Raising Cattle Neutral in Methane Gas Emition

Raising Cattle is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in Brazil. Raising Cattle contributes with 29% of the volume of methane emitted in the Brazilian territory, either by fermentation in the digestive process or the waste.

As we raise cattle by feeding only by pasture at on the integration system (Forestry and Cattle in the same space), the Triqueda Farm can neutralize all the methane gas emitted by all his flock, and even generate surplus credits.

Green Cattle

Our cattle stays in the field to be fed only by pasture. In Farm Triqueda we dont provided any industrial fed or any other product that modify the metabolism of animals with only the intention of gaining weight.

Higher Prices for Beef Angus.

The Brangus breed has 5/8 Angus blood allowing its meat to pass in the most stringent quality tests. This fact give its meat sales prices above the market through actions such as the CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF PROGRAM, made by the Brazilian Association of Angus.

Meat certified in this program is sold to the Marfrig Meat Industry, Mercosul Meat Industry, traditional steak house and exported to major supermarkets in Germany.

In this program, the farmer has: free shipping for up to 500 km, the price of the female equal to the male and a bonus program that pays up to 5% more in extra quality.
More information: “Carne Angus”

History of the Breed.

The Brangus breed is a cross between Angus and Zebu. The first experiments that resulted in Brangus were held in 1912, almost one hundred years ago in the U.S.A. in the state of Louisiana. The goal was the creation of an animal with high levels of productivity even in adverse conditions of climate and environmental, typical of tropical and sub-tropical areas.

Breeds Advantages

Mothers Production: A mother Brangus is an “factory of bull-calf.” It has abundant milk production and an excellent maternal ability (facilitated births and low mortality rates). His bull-calf has high weight at weaning and over-year, as well as fitness to be management in a pasture or in a feedlot. Females replacement have precocious puberty and get pregnant at 15 months;

The fact of the Brangus bull has 5/8 of European blood provides him conditions to support the cold months achieving similar gains the pure breeds and their heat tolerance and resistance to ectoparasites, it can optimal weight gain during the warmer months, while others European breeds decrease their daily earning;

Trade Versatility: The Brangus bull, MEETS perfectly both the needs of the domestic consumer market, such as that of export demand, ensuring correct termination, without extra fat and high-yielding meat;

Quality Meat: Juicy, healthier and soft. That meets the most demanding palates, due to the high level of marbling .

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